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General business policies

...terms on ordering


Your order, customers, can order with emails

on internet under

with letters, please send them to PLASTE + ELASTE, Bergmannstr. 106, 10961 Berlin

tel no. +49(0)30 6938299


We will try to be as prompt as possible with deliveries. Please have patience, if the items wished are not on stock. We have to then wait for production. Items will then be sent as soon as possible. Sometimes in two deliveries. We will keep you informed.


Please note, that all dispatches made abroad outside Germany must be paid in advance: VISA, Diner, Mastercard, etc.

Postage costs are not included in item price. Please note, that postage is also payable in advance and will be deducted on your amount. Payable on credit card.

All deliveries are insured.


1.         All items must be sent back within 2 weeks unworn. Please only tryon. Only unworn items will be accepted back.

2.         Please make a note of reclamation stating the reasons why you do not want to retain the chosen goods. 

3.         After retainment of goods a reclaim will be paid back. If the reclamation is accepted, we pay the postage back.

4.         A check will be sent as soon as possible. Please be patient.

5.         Eventual differences or deviations concerning the photos of items shewn for sale, do not mean that these have faults. There is only the consideration of a photographic deviation with the reality.

6.         Please note should clothing items be worn, then washed and sent back we refuse a reclamation, sorry.

7.         Please pay for postage of reclamation. If the reclamation is accepted, postage of reclamation will be paid back.


Our firm wishes to inform you that no information concerning the credit card details will be given to another person or firm for usage or information. With the arrival of a new catalogue new prices are possible. Old prices loose validation. Old items cannot be sent due to a stoppacie in production of these items. Customers that do not pay or cannot pay for any reason do not maintain any shippment of items again.